Zimbabwe 2015: AfricaWorks Trip Update

Our good friends at AfricaWorks did a full write-up on our trip to Zimbabwe in February of this year!

Take a look!

Rock Forward Visit(Feb 2015)

About AfricaWorks

Reducing poverty through sustainable economic empowerment and holistic transformation

1. AfricaWorks exists to enable the poorest of the poor to escape poverty through economic development. AfricaWorks primary focus is the creation of small to medium size businesses that are African owned, led and managed, and create sustainable employment that strengthens families and communities.

2. AfricaWorks seeks to fill the gaps in value chains, creating sustainable community-based businesses.

3. AfricaWorks is committed to holistic development (economic, social, and spiritual) and will invite partners to focus on social and spiritual growth when and where appropriate.

4. AfricaWorks seeks to identify business opportunities and entrepreneurs, assist with developing business plans and providing seed capital, and on-going management coaching to increase the odds of business success. These are shared with the expectation that recipients will build a sustainable business.

5. AfricaWorks envisions expanding operations throughout Africa when and where it makes business sense.

6. AfricaWorks is a response to the teaching of Jesus specifically, and all Scripture generally, that we are to be as concerned with justice for the poor as God and Jesus are. AfricaWorks seeks to act as the hand and feet of Jesus to help the poor through economic development.

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