Update on Jeff and Rebecca Smith

Jeff and Rebecca are amazing people!! They’ve given their lives to our Zimbabwe family for three years, working, mentoring, renovating, teaching sewing, and praying with many leaders on the college campus where they lived. They were faithful to be the hands and feet and voice, that brought souls into God’s Kingdom, and being the light of Jesus, in many places on campus and in the community. Rock Forward is so very thankful for them! Their reward will be great!  I’m sure they would say, that Zimbabwe, Africa,  has been a chapter in their lives, that is unforgettable and will always be a treasure to them. Thank you, beyond words….. Jeff and Rebecca.

The Smiths will be coming home, to the USA,  on March 23. They will not be returning to Zimbabwe, in the same capacity as they’ve been  over the last three years, but will continue to travel with teams as their hearts call them. I have no doubt that each time they go, their Zimbabwe family will have a celebration “home coming” for them! They are and will always be truly loved and forever appreciated!

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