Update from Rainbow Orphan Care

From the Desk of Jeri Hunsberger

Just wanted to update you on some great things God is doing at the orphanage. Fatima did receive the land she requested from the government. A water source was added to the land along with a large drip irrigation system (similar to the one we saw on on Mildred’s farm). She seems to be so much help in this project. The system is now up and running making farming feasible to year round planting. The first plants have been planted, broccoli, potatoes, and tomatoes. Fatima has been asking God to grant her a greenhouse and she said in her last email that she feels in her spirit that he has granted that to her. She hasn’t said in what way but it will be awesome to see how it comes to be! The next step will also be a fowl run on the property for both the orphans training and school and manure for the crops. We’re not sure yet how that will come either but that’s the tentative plan. There are a few more great things and surely more to come but that is the “short and sweet” of what God is doing there. He has been so good! The greatest part is..He’s done it all! It has been very very little of us. 

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