Rock Forward Sponsors Three Children

Rock Forward recently sponsored three children as part of a partnership through FICA (Faith in Community Aiders). These funds will go toward school fees, school uniforms and food.

Below are the three children along with info about them.

  • NAME :Fadzi Tavengwa

  • DATE OF BIRTH/AGE :17 Years

  • GENDER :Female

  • SCHOOL LEVEL :Form 3

  • Her father is deceased and the mother is homeless and on the streets.She has been at the orphanage since primary school

NAME :Perfect Saini

  • DATE OF BIRTH/AGE :8 Years

  • GENDER :Male

  • SCHOOL LEVEL :Grade 2

  • His father was convicted of breaking and entering and sentenced to 2 years in prison

  • His mother was unemployed and now is a voluntary caregiver at the Murombedzi orphanage where he is a resident

NAME :Tapiwa Makanjera

  • DATE OF BIRTH/AGE :10 Years

  • GENDER :Male

  • SCHOOL LEVEL :Grade 5

  • Both parents deceased and causes of death is unknown but highly suspicious that it could be HIV-related

  • He has no known relatives and thus he was taken in by FICA and resides at the orphanage in Murombedzi

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