Rock Forward presses Forward in God’s grace and strength!

Rock Forward has had a year of hard work, re structuring, growing working relationships and partnerships on the ground in Zimbabwe, and spending much time in prayer, seeking God and listening to His voice. It’s been an incredibly hard, but very blessed year, as God worked within our group and prepared us for continued work on the ground. Our hearts continue to beat for Zimbabwe and for the people there, who need opportunity to be sustainable in their walk with God, and in their ability to care for and support their families. They need opportunities to be trained and educated in business skills, so that they can be successful in the grass roots businesses that they own and operate, and also in their walk with God and in trusting Him with their business and with their lives. This is incredibly rewarding!! Rock Forward recently committed and funded another ten business groups / small sustainable businesses. This means that ten people have graduated from our intense business training, with a professional and godly trainer on the ground, and they are ready to launch their new businesses. They will be given a loan and will be held accountable now, for the growth and sustainability of the business, the payback of the loan, and also encouraged and mentored in the Word and in their walk with the  Lord. Their business belongs to God and they are now stewards of this great opportunity that He has provided for them. These business owners realize the gift that God has given them, and are very thankful and committed to success. The economy continues to be very challenging in Zimbabwe, and unemployment is at 95%. Only with Godly commitment and His strength.can businesses survive in this economic time, but the faith of these people, is so great! Their mustard seed is huge! Their hope in Him is incredible! The strong in Christ survive and soar like an eagle, they walk and not grow weary and they walk and not feint.

Please pray for others to come along side of Rock Forward in prayer and funding for these opportunities in business for the Zimbabwean people. We are always available to share, and to speak with anyone that is interested in the work that  God is doing in this amazing country.

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