Patrick is coming to Ohio!

As written by Amy Yoder

A little less than two weeks and Patrick will be standing among us on American soil! I cannot wait!

I want to take some time to share how and where my relationship with Patrick and the Nhaka Foundation began. Throughout the duration of my two-week visit to Zimbabwe in 2013, I remember repeatedly wondering why God had brought me to this place. While I felt a deep connection with so many beautiful individuals, my heart seemed as though it was still searching and wondering where God may use me. It was the last day of our trip, when I was introduced to Patrick.

Patrick, Dad and myself were squished into a small pick-up truck. The sky was a shade of blue that my eyes had never witnessed and the warmth of the sun kissed my face, as if the Father was reminding me of His presence. The dust from the red African soil covered the truck as Patrick swerved to miss what seemed like 1,000 potholes. As we continued up the long dusty and very bumpy road, Patrick vulnerably shared his heart with us. He revealed his childhood, hurts, struggles, the birth of Nhaka Foundation, current programs and how the feeding centers began.  His passion and desire to serve God, the community and these children was undeniable. Tears streamed down my dust stained cheeks as I listened to his story, his God story. It was at that moment that I felt as if God was directly speaking to me, letting me know that this was what I had traveled around the world to see….this was my purpose.

Nothing could have prepared my heart and mind for what I was about to see: children. Beautiful, glorious, joyful, obedient yet starving children as far as my tear filled eyes could see. Patrick reported that 800+ children were waiting in line to receive a single bowl of sustainable porridge, which would most likely be the only meal of their day. We had the privilege to meet with the head master, schoolteachers, visit the classrooms and enjoy time playing games with the children.

The Nhaka Foundation is actively promoting quality early childhood development, so that they may also act as an entry point for a number of services addressing the needs of orphaned or otherwise vulnerable children.  In addition, to the long-term educational benefits, the project addresses the problems of under-nutrition and lack of access to adequate health care services.

The work that God is doing through Patrick and the Nhaka Foundation is inspiring! I invite you to join us at “Kings Cross” on Sunday May 11th at 12:00 pm and/or at “Archbold Evan Church” on Sunday May 11th at 6:30 pm to hear stories of God’s faithfulness and to be both encouraged and challenged as Patrick shares life as experienced by the children of Zim on a day to day basis!

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