Nhaka Update 8/22/2019

Amazing tenacity and heartfelt love and commitment keep our Nhaka team pouring into the lives of our precious children in Zim! It’s such an awesome honor to partner with these people!

Despite current economic heartaches, the after school bible program (PSS program), continues to serve as an avenue for thousands of children in rural Zimbabwe to continue to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ! Pastor Oliver has recently been working to encorporate students by empowering them through “teach back” methods as a means of developing leadership, passion for teaching Gods word, and to begin rising up the next generation! This past quarter topics have included: the parables of the talents, Paul’s conversion and ministry, the Last Supper with Jesus along with the crucifiction and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters across the pond as they reach into the hearts of young children on a daily basis!

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