Laptops For Sustainability – Overview

The Goal:  Raise $5,000 to invest in laptops to start a computer-training center in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Why $5,000?  This amount offers the ability to purchase a minimum of 10 laptops.  The option would be available to purchase more at a lower price or try to purchase 10 higher quality laptops.  10 laptops offer an adequate base to get a training center started and provides a teachable size of students.

How will it start?  The organization we are working through is called AfricaWorks.

Africa Works builds business and economy from the ground up by using a holistic approach combining spiritual, relational and business concepts.  We would distribute the laptops to AfricaWorks.  AfricaWorks would then work with a local businessman to start a computer-training center.  The businessman would take out a microloan to purchase the laptops from AfricaWorks.  The laptops being paid for essentially ensures the loan, and that AfricaWorks won’t be left worse off if the businessman is unable to pay the loan.

By purchasing the units in the US, it guarantees quality, a stable price, and provides an opportunity to set them up before heading to Zimbabwe.

The goal is to provide the basis for a sustainable business that can teach and train people how to use a computer and keyboard.  These skills can help them get a job.  There is a great amount of potential to better the community by providing multiple classes per day and introducing as many people as possible to the computers.

Left Field Estimates: 10 people per session 3 different sessions per day 60 day blocks per set of sessions. 180 people per year Estimating a 4 year computer life expectancy 720 people getting trained with the increased chance of getting a job and provide for their family.

How:  Coffee and Running Contact: team@ Interested in AfricaWorks?  Find out more

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