There are a variety of ways to get in involved with the Rock Forward team and help make a difference in Zimbabwe.

Ways to get involved

Buy a bag of coffee – All Proceeds go to Africa Initiative Savings Group to support local business initiatives.

Buy a shirt – All proceeds go to building sustainable businesses to help widows and orphans in low income areas. 

Invest – Contact Ron about opportunities to invest in sustainable business ventures and outreaches in Zimbabwe. 

Coffee Project

The coffee project is up and running and has joined forces with a fantastic organization called Nhaka Foundation.  Nhaka is working to reach the orphans and vulnerable children in the rural areas of Zimbabwe Africa.  

The idea for this came to me, unsurprisingly, over a cup of coffee.  I am a huge fan of coffee, especially good coffee.  It is a required component for my morning and my co-workers know all too well how I function without it (it’s not pretty).  I was drinking some coffee from Africa and thought - Zimbabwe is in Africa... Africa has great coffee... I should be drinking coffee from Zimbabwe!

Shirts For Orphans

In Zimbabwe, as in many places in Africa, there is a high amount of orphans.  These orphans are either left on the street to fend for themselves or adopted in by the elderly in the community.


Those that adopt the orphans are left to provide for them in less than ideal circumstances.   While our primary focus for going to Zimbabwe is to provide sustainable solutions, we also feel the need to show Christ’s love to those in need.