Our team was able to visit multiple orphanages during our trip.  One of them was a rather impromptu trip but the connections were real.  The kids were an absolute blast to hang out with and it was hard to leave even with a limited time there.  Reuben and Jeri felt especially close to it and have committed to help support it.

When we were in Zimbabwe, we visited Rose of Sharon Welfare Organisation. (Which is a grand way of saying, an orphanage. It truly touched our hearts. Speaking with Fatima (the founder and president of the orphanage), hearing her heart for the children, and seeing how well they were taken care of. After that visit, we both said that if we were to get involved anywhere, that’s where we would want to. 

Here are Jeri’s words on the orphanage:

When we returned home, we kept thinking about it and talking about the orphange. We decided we wanted to contribute to it, knowing that they depend solely on outside donations to keep it running. When we e-mailed her she said that they were down to $0.22 in their account and they had been petitioning God for funds to keep them going.

There are many plans for a horticulture project to help the orphanage expand and become more profitable and able to sustain itself and grow. We are trying to be as involved as we can in those plans and are excited to see what God will do there.

If you are interested in getting involved with this orphanage, please contact any of the Rock Forward team members or visit the contact us page for more information.

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