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Founded in 2012, by Ron and Cathy King, Rock Forward was formed after an exploratory trip to Zimbabwe, Africa, and a deep passion to be in relationship with the African people.  Ron and Cathy began a relationship with a young screen printer named Rob Simupindi. He is a screen printer with a heart to train other widows in a trade resulting in the ability to feed their hungry children and other orphans.

Since then, an incredible mentoring relationship flourished and the format for mentoring grass roots businesses began, bringing hope and empowerment to the hopeless people and the country of Zimbabwe. Rock Forward is mentoring in the agricultural arena, the textile and soap business, technology and small grass roots ideas and creative businesses. We are heavily involved in the education and feeding of children through an early childhood development program called NHAKA. We are now working on the sustainability of this foundation. Sustainability and a strong walk with God, is our thrust and goal of each relationship that we work with. 


We are dedicated to creating sustainable economic development in Africa.


We are Christ Followers, committed to empower the African people in their walk of faith, and to create long term sustainable and reproducible businesses. This will increase the opportunities for success and economically and relationally transform communities.


ROCK FORWARD, the way forward, is a volunteer group started in Archbold, Ohio to commit time and resources to the African People, in training, mentorship, accountability and funding to create sustainable and reproducible businesses. This is transforming communities one at a time!

Making African Missions Sustainable | Ron & Cathy King with Matt Boyers | Main Street